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Disciplined Saturn is at home in hardworking Capricorn all year, so that's another huge check in the "win" column.


This placement ensures that your integrity is intact as you work toward personal and professional goals. Feeling overly stressed and rigid could be a result of this strict pairing, though, so take a couple extra yoga classes or schedule regular massages to keep your mind and body healthy and happy.

Scorpio 12222 Horoscope

Pluto, your co-ruler, continues to travel in responsible Capricorn, improving all areas related to power especially your career. You might experience slowdowns during Pluto's yearly retrograde cycle from late April until October, so use any downtime to solve outstanding issues that didn't get dealt with the first time they came around most likely in the last several months. The time around your birthday promises to be eventful and fulfilling when the sun moves into your intense sign at the end of October, so don't shy away from being acknowledged.

You often like to keep your accomplishments to yourself, but you deserve to be admired and celebrated for what you've been able to do throughout the year. Heads up: Prepare to attract and be attracted to people who are wildly different than your usual crowd. Friends who fearlessly flaunt their authenticity will inspire you to do the same. This year brings an interesting mix of stability and surprises to your love life.

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Growth-inducing Jupiter in your second house of security helps you see the magic in the mundane. You could be drawn to a wildly different type of person or you might crave more autonomy in your ties. This could be one of your luckiest money years in over a decade, as abundant Jupiter visits Sagittarius and your second house of work and finances until December.

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You might relocate for a job, get a plum promotion or start an entirely new career. But you can build a steady nest egg with consistent saving, conscious spending and by putting a bit more away each week, no matter what your income.

In January, a final Leo lunar eclipse may bring an exciting leadership opportunity or clarity around your path. In March, destabilizing Uranus exits your health and wellness zone, not to return again in your lifetime.

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With disciplined Saturn in your mindful third house, pay attention to what you feed your head this year. The planets hold a cosmic convention in Capricorn and your social third house this year, which could bring new friendships and community involvement.