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In Local:. Person with name Haripriya are mainly Hindu by religion. Find compatibility of name Haripriya with different names. Consort of lord Vishnu , Goddess Laxmi. Kark Cancer. Moon Chandra. Suffixed Name:. I believe the strange circumstances of her death have something to do with Mars being in Purva Bhadrapada. Because Mars is lord of the Nakshatra in which the seventh house Moon is located I think that one of her lovers may very well have to do with her death.

It is interesting that Mars is in the eighth house, the house of death. There is more to say about this chart, but because it is better not to make these analyses too long I will limit myself to the most important placements in charts with an emphasis on the role of the ascendant, Sun and Moon. In this chart, the most important Nakshatra is Purva Phalguni. The ascendant and Moon are located here. If I look at the keywords in the Hindu lunar zodiac of Purva Phalguni we find: "love, sexuality, prosperity, light-heartiness, creativity". This describes Madonna very well.

She is a rich and creative woman whose sexual charisma is obvious. What strikes me about Madonna is that she makes many changes in her image. To me this gives the impression of a certain light-heartiness, not taking these images too seriously and dropping it when she feels like it. The lord of Purva Phalguni is Venus.

Venus is located in Pushya, which is a very auspicious Nakshatra. According to some the most auspicious of all. The keywords of Pushya are: "prosperity, expansion, popularity, nourishing, happiness. Of course, Madonna is popular. Lord of the Nakshatra of the ascendant in this auspicious Nakshatra, which gives popularity, may well account for her continuing popularity.

Mars is also located in a Venus Nakshatra, namely the Nakshatra Bharani. The location of Venus, lord of the Nakshatra of her Mars in Pushya, is good for her Mars and gives her a lot of energy. Mars in Bharani is a very interesting placement of itself.

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Bharani is a very sexual and somewhat intense Nakshatra. It deals with sexuality as a manner of exploring the mysteries of life and death. This is not about sexuality simply as a way of enjoying oneself, but about sexuality on a much deeper level. The god which has to do with Bharani is Yama the god of death. This may account of her experimentation with sexuality, including some experiments with SM. The Sun is in Ashlesha, the Nakshatra of the snake. Anyone who has seen a videoclip of Madonna surely knows what this means. When she is on stage she shows these snakelike movements.

The serpent also has to do with her intense sexuality. There is even one videoclip in which she performs the role of snake seducing a priest. Mercury, which is the lord of Ashlesha is in the first house in the royal sign of Magha. Of course she really likes to be in the centre of attention. In this chart analysis like in some others I emphasis the placements of the faster moving planets. I do think this is more important than the slower moving planets, because the placement of the slower moving planets are typical of larger age groups.

In this chart the Moon and Venus are both in the Nakshatra Mrigashirsha. Mrigashirsha is an auspicious Nakshatra which according to Dennis Harness can bring beauty. The deity of Mrigashirsha is Soma, which is a manifestation of the lunar god. Soma is also the name of a drug, which was used in Vedic times and brought hallucinations. By using this drug, the person met the gods.

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Therefore Soma represents a hallucinate version of the Moon god. This seems to be appropriate for a female movie star. After all what we see in a movie is not the real world. Certainly some of the movies of Brooke Shields have a taste of paradise in them that is not of this world.

If you look at her pictures, she seems to have a serene beauty, which is out of this world.

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She also has a tender look, which can be associated with the tender look of a deer. By the way, the Moongod is male, however the Moon is a female principle and Mrigashirsha is a female Nakshatra. Mrigashirsha is not the only Nakshatra that has to do with beauty, which is emphasised in her chart. I have already said something about Rohini in the analysis of the chart of Marilyn Monroe, another female moviestar whom as Brooke has the Sun in Rohini.

Keywords for Rohini as stated in my booklet are: "great beauty, wealth, artistic". In addition to that information I want to give the following quote out of my booklet "Rohini was the favourite bride of Chandra, the lunar God. The colour red relates to passion and sensuality". Again, we see a relationship to the Moon. It is interesting that Rohini and Mrigashirsha share the same animal specie.

It is the serpent, a specie which has connections to sensuality and erotic female qualities. Again both Nakshatras have to do with sensuality.

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The keywords of Uttara Phalguni are: "love, sexuality, prosperity, helpfulness, creativity" and the keywords of Purva Phalguni are almost the same:" love, sexuality, prosperity, light-heartiness, creativity. The lord of Uttara Phalguni is the Sun lord of the Nakshatra of the ascendant , which is placed in Rohini.

Everything in this chart seems to point in the same direction. That is why she does not have the same intrigues in her life as Marilyn Monroe had. Only Saturn in Purva Bhadrapada can cause some havoc. However, what we do not see in the chart of Madonna are the energies of Rohini and Mrigashirsha. That is why the innocence of the deer is lacking in Madonna.

What we do see in the chart of Madonna is a stress on the Nakshatras Bharani and Ashlesha. These are sexual Nakshatras, but more of an intense type. It is interesting to look at the temperaments. This gives different personalities. The ascendant which gives information about the body is in Ardra. The keyword for Ardra in the Hindu lunar zodiac is:"new growth by elimination of old rubbish". She seems to have done this in a very literal way. This is the Nakshatra of transformation that has Rudra, the stormgod,as a deity.

Her Sun is in Krittika. The symbol of Krittika is a knife. The translation of Krittika is "the one who cuts". I believe it is hard to imagine a more appropriate place for the Sun in this chart. The Moon is in Purva Ashadha. This Nakshatra has the following keywords:"invincible, ambitious, travelling over water, sexual. She sure is an ambitious woman and has a sexual charisma.

Mercury is also in what can be considered a somewhat heavy Nakshatra. It is in Bharani. Bharani has the following keyword: "changes emerge from within, big transformations". Again, transformations and changes seem to occur on a very literal level. Mars is in the Nakshatra of Ashlesha,. We know that a snake changes his skin from time to time and so does Cher.

This is the Nakshatra of Mrigashirsha, which we have seen when dealing with the chart of Brooke Shields. It is a Nakshatra, which brings beauty which we can also see in Cher. Now Rahu, which is the lord of the Nakshatra in which the ascendant is located is also in Mrigashirsha.

In addition to that, Venus is the lord of the Nakshatras in which the Moon and Mercury are located. Because of this, Mrigashirsha is a key Nakshatra. I think the important influence of Mrigashirsha has caused her to be a popular singer. If this was not in her chart, I think she would have chosen another career, like maybe being a surgeon herself.

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Probably not all readers know who Kurt Cobain is. He was the lead singer of a rock group called Nirvana. The songs of this group had mostly a sinister feeling around them. The music was loud and not very melodious. At a young age, Kurt Cobain committed suicide. The above is found all over his chart. The ascendant and Sun are both in Shatabhishak. The keywords of Shatabhishak. This is all appropriate to Kurt Cobain, He used drugs and a lot of them , was philosophical and not easy to approach.

In the Hindu lunar zodiac we find the following quotes about Shatabhishak:" Shatabhishak is a meditative constellation. Varuna is a god who plays a major part in the most ancient Vedic scriptures. It is the god of the night who makes forms fade away. When forms are no longer visible, only unity remains.

It is the experience of unity with the cosmos that is essential. This feeling of cosmic unity can be achieved by natural means through meditation , but also artificially through alcohol. Both ways may be practised by those in whose horoscope Shatabhishak plays a part. It goes without saying that the natural way is to be preferred.

The feeling of being connected to the cosmos gives rise to a philosophical tendency. A Shatabhishak type of person has a vision about how life could be on this earth. This might lead to a feeling of uneasiness with how things are in reality. He looks for seclusion in order to be able to experience unity with the cosmos.

This is a description of some of the issues that Kurt Cobain must have been dealing with. The feeling of uneasiness, which I have mentioned in the above paragraph, may be the cause of his suicide. However, there is more in the chart. As I have stated before this is one of the most difficult Nakshatras.

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It is a Nakshatra of intense transformations and indeed death can be seen as the ultimate transformation. It is notable that just like Shatabhishak this is a Rahu Nakshatra. This is an extreme emphasis on Rahu energy in the chart, which is not the easiest energy to express. Indeed Rahu is the Nakshatra dispositor of the ascendant and half of the planets in the chart. Bharani has as its deity Yama, the deity of death. Of course, this important Rahu in the Nakshatra of Yama has to do with his suicide. But we are not ready yet. Mercury, the planet of communication and Venus, the planet of love, are in Purva Bhadrapada.

We have encountered this Nakshatra before. Aja Ekapada is the deity of this Nakshatra and is a form of Rudra, the storm god and destroyer, which we have also encountered under Ardra. Again, we encounter a potential destructive energy. In the Hindu lunar Zodiac I state the following about Purva Bhadrapada:" Purva Bhadrapada people have lots of energy and they have to direct it carefully.

There is a risk that the energy is used for self-centred goals. Another danger might be that the individual would not know how to handle it. In that case the energy can manifest itself as rage or as ways of ambition that can never be satisfied whenever one goal is achieved, there is an immediate search for a next goal. His art Venus and way of communication Mercury was certainly full of energy. However, it was not refined. Suicide can be seen as rage against oneself.

In addition to the other difficult energies in the chart the energy of Purva Bhadrapada was obviously too much to handle. By looking at a few example charts, you have seen how you can use the Nakshatras for chart interpretation. The method that I have used it simple. Just look at what planets are in which Nakshatras and you can come up with an interpretation. I hope that more people will use this technique.

Roeland de Looff, roeland dirah. If you want information about how to order the Hindu lunar zodiac booklet and cards you can click here. They should be sure to get sufficient exercise for good blood circulation, eat properly, and find some type of pastime to help them relax. Aquarius like all other zodiac signs, contains three Nakshatra or lunar mansion, which are half of the Dhanishta Nakshatra , entire Shatabhisha Nakshatra and two third of the Purva Bhadra Nakshatra.

Aquarius House in Natal Chart indicates: that is where you must have liberality, and reforming. Off with the old and on with the new. Must breakdown old habit patterns that are no longer usable. Water the seeds of love and co-operation, and "Spirit of Love" attitude towards others. Aquarius rules the calves and ankles of the legs. Aquarius is also concerned with the oxygenation process of the body. Furthermore, Aquarius regulates the rods and cones of the eyes.

Aquarius also rules the spinal cord, coordination of muscle, nerves and brain. Planets afflicted in Aquarius can multiple sclerosis, cause poor circulation, blood disorders and poisoning, lumbar disorders and lower leg cramping.

All occupation related to Saturn, Uranus and the eleventh house. It also governs positions which require a friendly personality and skill in meeting the public. If a person is born between 13th to 22nd February, the Sun remains in the 1st Decan of Aquarius ruled by Saturn. This implies a refined sympathetic, and humane disposition. Fate depends upon the nature of friends and acquaintances.

He has the ability to read character, and study human nature. He must be careful not to let his sympathies over-rule his reason and intuition. If a person is born between 23rd February to 4th March, the Sun remains in the 2nd Decan of Aquarius ruled by Mercury. This modifies the tendency to day-dream, as it makes the mind active and capable of intellectual attainment. It does not, however, provide continuity or concentration.

Much of the influence will depend on type of occupations one is doing. It improves the Aquarius nature, providing more balance and a higher standard of intellect with refined tastes and clear discrimination. This Decan attracts the native towards the occult and mystical side of life, as it often awakens the clairvoyant faculty.

Aquarius rules the natural Eleventh House of Friends in astrology, so it's no wonder that they appear to be friends with absolutely everyone.

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Though they have many acquaintances, Aquarius rarely lets people get to know them on a deep level. They are somewhat aloof when it comes to their actual feelings. They are, however, very generous individuals and happy to help anyone in times of need. Do not let this make you too clingy.